The Burbs Live Wallpaper 1.24

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Who needs the city? Welcome to the burbs!

Who needs the city? Welcome to the Burbs!

The Burbs live wallpaper features a view of the neighborhood from the front steps of your house/phone. Uses Parallax backgrounds (like Mario) to give you a feeling of depth. Watch as your neighbors walk/drive by, the local kid does your yard work, and customize the garden to your liking.

Also a great Easter live wallpaper. Make Easter features show up on the actual day, or manually enable them.

- Holiday Aware
- Easter Eggs!
- Fully Customizable Garden with flowers that actually grow.
- Kid mowing your lawn / doing yard work
- Neighbors out for a stroll
- Traffic
- Parallax Backgrounds
- Professional Graphics
- Control over traffic speed and people speed

Version 1.0 is the initial release of this live wallpaper. Given the possibilities, we chose an iterative development path for adding features. Even more will be added over the coming weeks/months including:

-- Holiday specific effects (Currently has Easter, more to come)
-- More behaviors
-- More graphics
-- More plant types
-- Birds
-- Planes
-- Dog for the foreground
-- Time Configurability/Sensitivity
-- Weather Configurability/Sensitivity
-- And More!

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TO RATE THIS LIVE WALLPAPER: After downloading the live wallpaper, find the market listing again, select a number of stars, and leave a comment.

TO OPEN: From the home screen, press the settings button, then wallpapers, then live wallpapers. Find the live wallpaper you purchased in the list and select it.

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All of our live wallpapers make use of Open GL to take advantage of the superior graphics capabilities of Android Phones, and maximize battery usage.

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